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dream Creator, is the muse of cultural travels and cultural attractions!

The eldest of the muses

Is the inspiration for your cultural and Incentive travels as well as your Paris guided tours.

Calliopée was founded more than 10 years ago by Louisa NAMOUNE, art historian, graduated from a major business school.

Calliopée offers, through several cultural activities, to share her crusches with women and men, who like to see, listen, understand and act differently.

The cultural travel for which we are of an insatiable curiosity is one of our strengths.

For we strive to follow the cultural events in Europe, and soon we will propose other destinations, beyond the Atlantic, for example. 

Our travels are hand sewn and designed for groups of up to 24 people. 

Our hope is that our speakers will be close to you, in order to make you discover each country visited as much as possible.

To see you come back with a smile, images full of eyes and happy memories, is our satisfaction.

Calliopée is also the guided tour of ParisOur town is a city rich for History and arts.

Revisit the History of Paris with Calliopée. All our tours are creative, and allow you to approach culture in a fun way. Our all speakers, have a background in History and/or Art History.
Their job is their passion.
Learning to share is the mission of a Historian!

Even more playful and unusual are our cultural rallies as well as our Murders cultural parties, in the neighborhoods of Paris.

It was with the business cultural conferences that Calliopée was born. These conferences are offered as courses in the History of the arts insideyour companies. Cultural History Art, cycles are offered along the year. Thematic conferences covering various topics are very popular with our current clients.

Our difference exists in our passion for art and culture.

Calliopée, agréable et utile pour l’esprit… Son amour du voyage culturel, son insatiable envie d’apprendre et sa curiosité pour les autres cultures sont ses inspirations.

Depuis plus de 10 ans, l’agence vous propose des voyages culturels et des visites guidées, avec un(e) conférencier(ière) qui a l’art et la manière de vous faire sortir des sentiers battus.

Notre différence existe par notre passion pour l’art et la culture.


Calliopée, your muse carries out a hand-sewn work to reveal to you places rich in history, art and culture.


Dive into the hidden Paris, enjoy our literary strolls and have another point of view on the History.


Get to like in the History of Art and experience the current events of museums in Paris with a smile and pleasure thanks to our lecturers


The team


Founder and C.E.O. of Calliopée
Graduate in Marketing and Art History


Community Manager
Web communication consulting

Animated by my passion, I build cultural travels, leisure and guided tours, destined for those who want to flee the mass culture.

Intuitive and renowned as the muse whose name I have taken up for my company, I have surrounded myself with experts whose talents I have sustainably tested.

In addition to my knowledge in the service of art and culture, I will lead you to unprecedented cultural escapes. Because from my past as a marketing woman from the beginning of my career, I kept that spirit.

Parisian by adoption, I am a great fan of History, Culture and Paris.

I am very interested in the issues brought about by new media, particularly in the cultural sector.

With six years of experience in communication in companies such as LVMH, Sony Music and Grévin Museum in Paris, today, I put my digital communication skills and good humour at the service of various projects.


Fondatrice de Calliopée
Diplômée en marketing et histoire de l’art

Animée par une passion toute méditerranéenne, je construis des voyages culturels, des loisirs et des visites guidées, destinés à ceux désireux de fuir la culture de masse.

Intuitive et réfléchie comme la muse dont j’ai repris le nom pour mon entreprise, je me suis entourée d’experts dont j’ai durablement éprouvé les talents.

En plus de mon savoir au service de l’art et de la culture, je vous mènerai vers des échappées culturelles inédites. Car de mon passé de femme de marketing des débuts de ma carrière, j’ai gardé cet esprit.


Community Manager
Conseil en Stratégie digitale

Parisienne d’adoption, je suis une grande passionnée d’Histoire, de Culture et de Paris.

Je m’intéresse de près aux enjeux apportés par les nouveaux médias, notamment pour le secteur culturel.

Forte d’une expérience de six années en communication au sein d’entreprises telles que LVMH, Sony Music ou encore Grévin Paris, je mets aujourd’hui mes compétences en communication digitale et ma bonne humeur au service de projets divers et variés.