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A full day in Lille

Discover the fourth French metropolis, with multiple cultural and historical influences, during this short cultural getaway!


The legend says about Lille that it was founded in 640 by the giants Lydéric and Phinaert. But one finds the first trace of Lille in a written of 1066. Lille was in turn Flemish, Burgundian, Spanish before becoming French in 1667 when Louis the XIVth, conquered the city. Its successive expansions over the centuries have made it the fourth metropolis of France.


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In the morning :


The Comtesse Hospice

Located on the edge of the old site of the Deûle bass and the port, the Hospice Comtesse museum remains
one of the last Lillian testimonies of the action of the counts of Flanders.
 Founded in 1237 by the Countess Jeanne de Flandre (1200-1244) in the enclosure of her own palace, the Hôtel de la Salle, the old hospital is placed under the protection of the Virgin. Today, the buildings of the museum’s courtyard of honour offer a panorama of the art of building in Lille from the 15th to the 18th century (hall of the sick, buildings of community life of the nuns, wing 1724, chapel).

The old stock exchange of Lille

The old stock exchange, built from 1652 to 1653 by Julien Destrée, is undoubtedly the most beautiful monument of the city. In her courtyard, it hosts booksellers and in the summer, tango demonstrations. Composed of twenty-four identical houses that surround a cloister, the eye is attracted by the infinite variety of cariatides that adorn the pilasters. The same opulence is found in the decoration of the windows, with sometimes curved or triangular pediments, decorated with cartouches, garlands and fleshy fruits, in the manner of the Flemish Renaissance. The Flanders lions carved on the portals recall Lille’s belonging to the Netherlands.

On the four sides, above the windows of the second floor, are painted in cartouches with bright colors the acronyms of contemporary companies. Thanks to their patronage, restoration work has restored all its glory to the Old Stock Exchange.

Lunch at the restaurant Le Compostelle gourmet restaurant

In Lille, it is a pilgrimage of the senses that is essential: to have a gastronomic break in this relay of Santiago de Compostela dating from the 15th century is a pure enchantment for the palace. Wonderfully celebrating the old and the modern.The decoration unfolds along with charming lounges, which can also accommodate groups. On the plate, the score is subtle and wonderful.The dishes here enhance the taste of carefully selected products and imagine new alliances between market cuisine and regional specialities. The cooking is perfect, the products are excellent. A cosy atmosphere, a warm and very friendly welcome, everything is gathered to spend a moment of real happiness.

in the afternoon :


The Villa CAVROIS à Croix

Designed between 1929 and 1932, Villa Cavrois is the most emblematic achievement of the architect Mallet-Stevens. As such, it was declared a historic monument in 1990 and purchased by the French Government in 2001. 

When Paul Cavrois, the owner of this company, decided to build a house for his family, he acquired land at the so-called place of Beaumont, a few kilometers from Roubaix. Since 1870, the industrial bourgeoisie has moved its homes away from factories in order to benefit from a healthier environment and a better living environment. The town of Croix, on the outskirts of Roubaix, is home to imposing bourgeois mansions, real small castles, which are characterized by their neo-regionalist style. In this landscape, the modern silhouette of the villa designed by Robert Mallet-Stevens cuts radically.


The Roubaix Swimming Pool Museum.

The museum of the Piscine Musée d’art et d’industrie André Diligent, which opened its doors on October 21, 2001, is located on the site of the former Art Deco swimming pool which was initiated by Mayor Jean-Baptiste Lebas was built between 1927 and 1932 according to the plans of the Lille architect Albert Baert (1863-1951). The choice of the architect was not insignificant for Jean-Baptiste Lebas. Albert Baert is a progressive man, left and freemason. In October 1932, when the pool opened, it appeared as a political and social program. Indeed, by the beauty and efficiency of the place, there is a birth of a theatrical rationalism. After 5O years of use the swimming pool is closed in November 1985 for safety reasons.



Cultural Travel within one day

  • Departure Paris/Gare du Nord at 07:46 am– Arrival Lille 08:45 am
  • Around 9:00 am Commented route of the Old Lille and the Hospice Comtesse. Duration 2h00
  • Around noon: Lunch at the restaurant in Compostelle or equivalent
  • Around 2: 00 pm: Guided tour of the Villa Cavrois. Duration 1h30
  • Around 4:00 pm: Guided tour of the current exhibition at the Roubaix Swimming Pool-Museum.
  • Around 6:00 pm Transfer to Lille. Free time according to the return time chosen.
  • Return from Lille around 07:15 pm – Arrival in Paris around 08:14 pm

Or Second choice

  • Return from Lille around 08:11 pm – Arrival in Paris around 09:29 pm

  • TGV transport Paris/Lille/Paris in second class.
  • Lunch
  • The Calliopée’s attendant
  • The guided tours and entries mentioned in the program with a local speaker.
  • The transfer mentioned in the program.

  • Meals not included in the program.
  • The drinks not included in the program,
  • The carriage of luggage,
  • The tips,
  • Personal expenses,
  • Cancellation insurance 
  • Repatriation insurance

Climate and Temperatures: T

Climate and temperatures: The climate is almost identical to that of Paris. Depending on the season you choose for this cultural getaway, we advise you to take the clothes accordingly.

Gastronomy: It is very similar to that of our Belgian neighbors and friends.If you like sweet treats, you’ll find waffles and the wonderful. If you like beer, there are many kinds. Be careful, consume them with moderation!

Visits: The speaker will decide on the choice of the artworks he will comment on and help you better understand them. It is obvious that we will not be able to stop in front of all the artworks in the museum.


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