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Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay constitute a grandiose landscape, between Normandy and Brittany. It is one of the most visited sites in France each year. Calliopée invites you to discover this pearl of the Channel coast.

According to the legend, Aubert, the bishop of Avranches, is behind the construction of the Mont, following three successive appearances of the Archangel Saint Michel. In the eighth century, the archangel ordered Aubert to dedicate a sanctuary to him at the top of Mont Tombe. Aubert, who had assembled a large number of masons, personally oversaw the building of the church, and decided to stay on the Mont until it was completed. In addition, a fraternal bond unites the Mont with the rock sanctuary of San Michele di Monte Sant’Angelo created in the 5th century in the Gargano (Puglia Region in Italy), since the Archangel Michael also appeared there asking for a place of worship. Moreover, as Bishop Aubert did not have any good from Saint Michael in his Mount, he sent monks to Mount Gargan. Legend tells that they came back from Italy with a relic of the Archangel Michael, which is a piece of the rock trodden by the archangel.

Mont-Saint-Michel is also known as a pilgrimage site since the Middle Ages. The kings of France, like people of modest condition, made this pilgrimage up to the gates of the abbey of the Mont. After a crossing full of perils, they went up the street lined with inns and shops, and left with rosaries and signs, memories of their accomplished pilgrimage.

The historic culinary specialty of Mont-Saint-Michel is obviously the omelette of mother Poulard. Annette was a maid in the service of Edouard Corroyer, chief architect of the Monuments Historiques. She followed him during his frequent stays at Mont Saint-Michel when he was asked to restore the Abbey in 1872. She met Victor Poulard, the son of the local baker, whom she married in 1874 Together they take over the Auberge de Saint-Michel Tête d’Or located in the Grande Rue of Mont-Saint-Michel. This is where the “Mother Poulard” designs the famous “omelette soufflée”, sometimes supplemented with cream, whose white and yellow were, most often, beaten separately and cooked over high heat.

One of the best ways to enjoy the Mont and to have a captivating view on the rocky islet is to cross the bay on foot. This hike allows to discover all the extent of this site, theater of the biggest tides of continental Europe. Experienced guides accompany tourists from the Mont up to Bec d’Andaine, through the island of Tombelaine and its surrounding area containing quicksand.

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